Multitalented Morris Bobrow has done it again with his latest satirical musical revue that opened to a sold out crowd in the intimate Shelton Theater. This time around he gently skewers cell phone/computer technology and habits.  It is simply yet colorfully mounted for a talented energetic cast of four. The performers work together like a well-oiled machine. Bobrow, who has a genius for rhyme, keeps coming up with humdingers that are too numerous to mention. You need not be a techie to enjoy this show because it has universality and you might even identify with the characters and their foibles."

"There's a charm about Megabytes! The Musical - clever songs and sketches - IT'S ACTUALLY WORTH MORE THAN ONE VISIT!" -San Francisco Examiner

"Morris Bobrow is the local king of the musical revue. His latest effort, Megabytes! The Musical, focuses his astute and humorous observations on our current technologies and how they have affected human interactions. The theme is ripe for comic material and Bobrow hits paydirt in this witty and charming revue. Bobrow's revue had me nodding my head in empathy with the cast. While we can all laugh at the ridiculousness of our situations, there's a subtext of isolation and detachment in the world that is universally connected. Very clever stuff, and Megabytes! The Musical is another Bobrow hit." -for all Events

"Morris Bobrow, a master of the original music revue, writes and directs this witty show that absolutely everyone with a smartphone can appreciate. Megabytes! critiques our dependence on technology. Bobrow's newest work delivers much needed levity and laughter. 'Megabytes' lets us laugh about the behaviors, coping mechanisms and absurdity caused by tech. " -Theatrius

"This 60-minute song and laugh fest touches all the right nerves. Bobrow carves out the many aspects of technology in personal use as his target. He exposes our dependencies, our awkwardness, and our occasional rewards in a world of challenge and change. Technology is pervasive in daily life - so much so that it may take a little reminder like Megabytes! The Musical to put it all in perspective. The composer's lyrics are quite clever and humorous, accompanied by peppy music with an occasional blues-y interlude. Four talented and energetic performers -  all are veterans of previous Bobrow productions, so their skills are well matched to the material." -for all Events

"There's no more polished master of the original
musical revue than Bobrow. He packs lyrics with comic ideas." -San Francisco Chronicle

"SET YOURSELF UP FOR A ROLLICKING NIGHT OF LAUGHS AT MEGABYTES! THE MUSICAL.  The comedy arises from the situations, positive and negative, the majority of us encounter in working with these so-called user friendly tech tools (joke?). I know everyone will identify and enjoy the series of 20 plus songs and sketches where each depicts joy and frustration of living our lives in the modern technological age with obviously both good and not-so-good results. Written and directed by well known and admired composer and lyricist Morris Bobrow." -Silicon Valley Innovative Channel

"The revue is a montage of over 20 scenes about the world  of technology and all of its relatable frustrations. Bobrow's humor offers a perspective of complications anyone can encounter in this world of tech. It's commendable how many different aspects of technology usage were packed into one show. Regardless of your knowledge of technology,  'Megabytes! The Musical' touches base on humorous issues anyone could relate to - even techies! It invites you to unplug for an evening of fun inspired by the vision of the award-winning Morris Bobrow." -San Francisco City College Guardsman

"Bobrow is one of the wittiest and classiest songwriters around. He has a marvelous facility for taking almost any subject and writing sophisticated, witty and very incisive lyrics plus equally infectious music." - Hollywood DramaLogue

"Bobrow has the uncanny ability to create revue material that examines every imaginable angle of his main topic." - San Jose Mercury News

"Bobrow has to be one of the most clever lyricists on the planet." - Marinscope

"Bobrow's funny, incisive lyrics prick the pompous, while expressing his own plea for a more tolerant, compassionate society." - San Francisco Bay Times

"Bobrow has the wonderful ability to find a commonplace subject, discover its thoroughly offbeat humor and set it down in snappy lyrics and sophisticated music." - Marin Independent Journal

"It is his humor and 'out of left field' rhymes that make a Bobrow show an evening of fun." - KABL

"Bobrow's lyrics show an intelligent depth and understanding of human nature, its foibles and its penchant to rip itself into shreds of doubt."
- San Francisco Bay Times